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Jane Eyre : titre manuscrit

Charlotte Brontë reçoit une lettre de son éditeur Smith and Elder en août 1847, rejetant son premier roman (The Professor) mais l'encouragent à écrire. Elle envoya alors ce manuscrit de Jane Eyre — c'est le seul manuscrit connu à ce jour. Edité en octobre 1847, le roman est un succès immédiat.

Le manuscrit de Jane eyre

Publié en trois volumes

Élégamment écrit de la main de Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, dont l'action se déroule au Nord de l'Angleterre pendant le règne de George III, est le roman d'apprentissage par excellence de la littérature Anglaise.

Ce manuscrit de 824 pages est un des trésors les plus précieux de la British Library. Il n'a jamais été publié auparavant en raison des difficultés techniques que cela représentait.

Une édition en 3 volumes

Édition limitée : 1000 exemplaires numérotés

Les trois volumes de ce manuscrit sont présentés dans un luxueux coffret, accompagnés d'une collection de gravures par Edmund Garrett.

Jane Eyre : Book & slipcase

Chaque volume est assemblé à la main, relié avec tranchefile et signet. Chaque livre est imprimé sur un papier de luxe. Chaque coffret est frappé au fer à dorer.


A beautiful book

This is such a beautiful manuscript and a must for Jane Eyre fans. It is high quality and beautifully presented. I feel honoured to own one


I am in deep love for the pure soncere soul of charlotte


I am so happy to own a copy of this unique manuscript. I live near Haworth so it was even more exciting to be able to buy it from the Haworth Parsonage itself.

Jane Eyre

We came across this title in the Bronte Parsonage gift shop in Howarth to our total surprise and delight and bought a copy there and then. Fabulous quality in this reproduced masterpiece and would recommend this treasure to anyone who has an interest in the works of the Bronte's, or simply a collector of books. Complete with the actual changes to words that were made before sending to publication this truly is a wonderful piece.

A must for all Brontë enthusiasts

Heard about this edition on Open Book and immediately proceeded to order my own copy. Quick shipping. Beautiful book, inside and out. The handwritten text is legible and fascinating to read through. A must for all Brontë enthusiasts.

'Éditions des Saints Pères co-founder Nicholas Tretiakow hailed the novel as “a compelling gem of English literature, a novel so many of us hold close to our hearts (...)"'
Jessica Nelson on Open Book : 'The British Library told us that they had the manuscript for Jane Eyre, which had remained unpublished because it's about 900 pages and there's a technical challenge" (...)"'
Jessica Nelson: 'This is a book for passionate people who are willing to discover Jane Eyre and Charlotte Brontë's work in a new way. (...)"'
'The 824-page manuscript contains important revisions and corrections centred around the portrayals of Jane's encounters with Mr Rochester. Written in Brontë's elegant hand, it gives readers unprecedented insight into her creative process. The manuscript's publication marks the culmination of this year’s bicentenary celebrations of Charlotte Brontë’s birth (...)'
‘The handwritten manuscript of Charlotte Brontë’s novel, Jane Eyre, will be reproduced in a limited facsimile edition for the first time next month...The 824-page manuscript, seen until now by very few, showcases Brontë’s elegant handwriting (...)'
'French indie targets UK with Jane Eyre manuscript facsimile. To commemorate the bicentenary of Charlotte Bronte’s brith this year, the publisher will release 1,000 hand numbered facsimiles of the novel’s fair copy - the final handwritten manuscript which Bronte submitted to her publishers in 1847 (...)'
'Due to the technical difficulty of reprinting the manuscript, it has not been attempted until this year (...)'
'In time for the bicentennial of Charlotte Brontë’s passing (if not today’s National Author’s Day), the Paris-based publishing house Éditions des Saints Pères is releasing a fair copy manuscript of Jane Eyre, the novelist’s magnum opus from 1847 (...)'
Taken directly from the only ‘fair copy’ in existence held in the British Library, this written manuscript is stunning [...] Heart-stoppingly beautiful, unique and an important piece of history. It is the perfect “wow” present for Christmas (...)'
'The upcoming release of a sort of Christmas gift for all Brontë aficionados and the perfect ending for the Charlotte Brontë bicentenary: the publication of a manuscript-facsimile edition of Jane Eyre (...)'

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